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Fleshlights are male toys designed for heterosexual men and they are used for penetration. They look like and feel like female best erotic parts. It is called flesh because of its inner sleeve and the plastic case which look like oversized flashlight.

Fleshlight, most selling male masturbator

The inner sleeves are of different colors of flesh. The toy was designed by Shubin Steve. He said that it was a safer way to have sex without contracting STDs and other sexual transmitted diseases. This is the most selling masturbation tool for men. The product is the best because it gives men satisfaction and it’s easy to clean up.


Tenga models are masturbation tools from a Japan company known as Tenga co Ltd. the company used to be an auto mechanic but later changed to producing pocket pussy, personal lubricants and other related products.

The company is well known for producing products with high design aesthetics which is unlikely for sex toys. The toys are the best selling they include; flip hole white, disposable cups and many more.

1. Arguably the best is “Fleshlight stamina training unit” (STU)

It replicates an incredible sexual sensation to the user. This always helps a man who has performance anxiety and has premature ejaculation. The Fleshlight product helps one to experience maximum orgasm and will help one to improve their sexual stamina.

People like it because of its ability to prolong one’s sexual experience. This tool creates a very challenging experience because of its ribbed cushioning which is inside.

2. Second best is “Fleshlight original”.

Fleshlight stamina training unitThis was the first Fleshlight to be created and it is now very popular. There are many categories of it which include the but, mouth or the vagina.

The tool has reduced friction because it has flat sleeves inside which do not have ribbons. This helps people to enjoy more because of the maximum pleasure one gets from them.

3. Another all-time favorite is called “Flight”.

This is a portable version of the Fleshlight that one can carry it to everywhere he needs. The flight has a sperm collector cap which helps to clean and collect sperms when you are using it.

It is highly effective even when one is travelling because it has an orifice cool design which helps no one to realize what you are doing with it.


For first timers they should use build your own (BYO) Fleshlights which has a pink lady and a sleeve known as “wonder wave.” This tool makes one to feel very close to the vagina because of its tightness, gives maximum pleasures and its good for stamina training.

Fleshlight and Tenga. The two flagships of male masturbators

The Fleshlights products and products from Tenga Company are known as the best and the right ones to ensure that everyone is satisfied. There are more and latest Fleshlight online. They are cost friendly and everyone gets satisfied.

They companies have tons of products which are cooler than the products from other companies. They have gone as far as creating exact mold of the hottest pornstars, mouths, vaginas and butt. They are the best companies when compared to the other companies that produce the male masturbators.

Make a Pocket Pussy Yourself with Foam, Latex Glove and Lube

Many times, the thought of sex can spark crazy ideas and deeds. The urge of having sex is usually so intense that anyone needs an immediate satisfaction on the urge. But what happens if there is no woman around you who can offer you that satisfaction? Hand job masturbation usually helps though it doesn’t give the pleasure a real Fleshlight gives.

Well. don’t worry anymore, you can make a pocket pussy which feels close or more like the real Tenga. Its an amazing feeling, when alone, this toy is much more preferably better than the hand job.

Well, there are ready made from retail stores but i don’t recommend for the commercial ones because they are made from crappy materials and chemicals.

how to make a pocket pussy

The following is a tip of how to make a hot and soft pocket pussy from your home. What you need:

-A foam rubber
-A circular ring
-A latex glove,
-Oil and
-A lube.

How to make a pocket pussy at home

homemade pocket pussySTEP 1. Slice an opening in the foam rubber. Make the cut just like a single line but make it deeper. the deepness depend with the size of your penis.

STEP 2. Take the latex glove and slide it slowly inside the opening. This will serve as the vagina cavity where you will have sex.

STEP 3. Wrap the latex glove opening with the circular ring. This ring is supposed to function as the vagina opening and to hold the latex glove in position so that it doesn’t collapse inside.

STEP 4. The next thing is to apply oil and lube to the latex glove. This serves as the lubrication for the penis to slide in and out of the homemade hot and soft pussy. You can add some warm water in the oil so as to add some desired warmth. There you are, the pussy is done ready for you to insert your penis and stroke in and out with all the pleasure. It feels close or even like a real girlfriend.

This pussy is portable. You can carry with it around wherever you go. However, This homemade pocket pussy can be made possibly situated inside a pillow. This will be a nice hide out for your secret pussy. Wow, your pillow can be your best virtual girlfriend.

fleshlight reviewHowever, a comparison between the real vagina and this homemade juicy pussy still counts. A real vagina or popular commercial vaginas are tight, fully tight and masculine. It can contract and expand rhythmically to hold your penis in place and tight, making you mourn with please unlike the homemade pussy which cannot relax and contract naturally to suit the size of your penis.

Another fact in which the homemade vagina cannot outdo the real while is the whole package which come with the real vagina.

top pocket pussy

The tight tits which you can suck and squeeze while in the act of sex. Also, the ass behind the real pussy is another package which rocks the entier moment.

You can spank and run your hands over them. Don’t forget the lips a girl has. you can kiss them and have the girl mourn to add some pleasure within the act. All this are are advantageous which makes the real vagina or similar ones not compare with the homemade pocket pussy otherwise, the feeling of sliding in and out is all the same.