3 Of the best books to spice up your sex life in 2018

Spicing up your love life

There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep your relationship alive.  It is, in fact, admirable when couples decide to put the effort into making sure their lives together stay comfortable, happy, stimulation and exciting.  Those couples are the ones you see still flirting with each other and holding hands at the age of ninety as if they were still teenagers.

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Some fun and sexy facts about sex toys and vibrators

The taboo that was owning a sex toy

Sex toys were first used in the very early years as a way of treating women who were deemed to be “hysterical” and were sold as a massager to be used to relieve the “tension”.In fact, up until the 1990’s only about one percent of the woman actually owned or used them.  These days more than fifty percent of woman own or use them and start to do so in their early twenties.

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