Some fun and sexy facts about sex toys and vibrators

The taboo that was owning a sex toy

Sex toys were first used in the very early years as a way of treating women who were deemed to be “hysterical” and were sold as a massager to be used to relieve the “tension”.In fact, up until the 1990’s only about one percent of the woman actually owned or used them.  These days more than fifty percent of woman own or use them and start to do so in their early twenties.

Some fun facts about vibrators and sex toys

Sex toys are not only meant for single play

It is a myth that sex toys are meant for single play or lonely singles.
It can be a complete game changer for couples by aiding in a more open sexual encounter and making talking about sex a lot more comfortable.
It can also spice up your sex life and sex play bringing a lot of fun and enjoyment to both partners keeping your relationship alive and fresh.

Some sex toys can be good for women and men

Studies have shown that most women, up to seventy-five percent that is, do not have orgasms during sex.Although a woman’s orgasm does not produce sperm it does not make it any less important than that of the man’s orgasm.In fact, orgasms are actually good for a person’s health to be it a male or female one.It can cure a common cold, it is beneficial for the relief of stress and depression and may even aid in lowering the risk of certain cancers like breast cancer in both sexes.

So the use of sex toys during sex has a great chance of allowing the woman to experience just as much pleasure and orgasming. Let’s face it knowing you have given your partner the ultimate sexual encounter makes for even a greater sexual release!
Sex toys can also aid in sexual dysfunction disorders and have been known to help men climax even when they cannot get an erection.


There is nothing wrong with owning a sex toy and with the clever designs of some of these toys today it makes owning one a lot more discreet.

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