The art of a getting good night’s sleep

Sleep natures medicine

They say a good night’s sleep can cure a lot of things, cut down on stress and determine what kind of day you are going to have.
Sometimes, through no fault of our own, we do not always get to have that restful sleep though.

The art of a good night’s sleep

• Ever wondered how to remove the toss and turning, of your partner while sleeping

There is nothing worse than a restless person sleeping beside you. On average we turn about 20 times a night in our sleep.  But some people just seem to be constantly flipping and flopping all over the bed.It can be caused by pain, some cases the mattress is either too soft or too hard and the person will start to get painful tingling sensations, or even have their limbs go numb.

Make sure you have a comfortable mattress that agrees with both of you.  These days you can get beds that have two different adjustable mattresses.

If, however, your partner suffers from insomnia, then it is unfair of them to lie there all irritated due to not being able to sleep.  Encourage them to go read a book or watch some television in another room until they feel sleepy instead of ruining your sleep pattern.

• A lot of people ask is it okay to sleep with pets in one’s bed?

Most experts say that sleeping with your pet in your bed should not be a problem as long as the owners do not have an allergy to the pet. If they do and still want their pets on their bed they should get allergy tablets or shots, so they can try to build up an immunity.

The animal should be kept clean, have had all its necessary shots and be pest free.The pet does not disturb the human occupants of the bed’s sleep.In fact, some studies have shown that it can actually be good for the owners to have their pet sleep with them, well that is as long as your pet is not something like a boa!


Everyone should get their recommended hours of sleep a night to function correctly during the day.
If you or a loved do suffer from a sleep disorder it is imperative that you get it seen too as sleep deprivation can lead to some serious health issues.

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