Spice up your sex life with a sex toy

It is a myth that sex toys are for single people only.  There are numerous ways in which couples can enjoy sex toys.  Especially as they make exploring the “taboo” more acceptable when it is done with your partner.

Some sex toys sure to give the ultimate of pleasure

#1  The beautiful Vesper

You can literally carry this with you wherever you go as it comes with a sleek gold, silver or rose gold chain a person can wear around their neck.  And what’s more, it looks nothing like a vibrator as it is small, elegant and comes in silver, gold or rose gold.This tiny vibrator not only packs some honestly powerful vibrations but it is quiet and discreet.

#2 Oomph mini bullet vibrators

If you are looking for that discreet mini vibrator that you can slip into your purse to take along where ever you go and do not want to have to take out a loan to buy one.
Then this small yet incredibly powerful vibrator is for you.
It has ten speeds to choose from and comes in a few different colors with the bonus of being waterproof.